Can I Put Vaseline on My Nose Piercing?

Getting a nose piercing is exciting but it requires proper aftercare to heal well. One common question from newbies is “Can I use Vaseline on my nose piercing?” The short answer is NO. Vaseline or petroleum jelly should never be used on a new or healed piercing.

Why Vaseline Should Be Avoided

Vaseline is made from petroleum, a byproduct of oil refining, and is meant as a barrier ointment. While it can help seal in moisture and protect minor cuts, it does not allow oxygen to pass through. Piercings need oxygen to heal properly.

Vaseline will essentially suffocate a piercing and prevent it from breathing, which can delay healing and even lead to infection.

Other reasons to avoid Vaseline on piercings:

  • It can clog the piercing and irritate the surrounding skin. Excess Vaseline can build up inside the piercing channel and cause bumps and swelling.
  • It promotes bacterial growth. Petroleum jelly traps moisture, heat and germs against the piercing, allowing bacteria to thrive. This risks infection and poor healing.
  • It can cause embedded piercings. If Vaseline is used during the initial piercing, the jewelry can potentially become embedded under the skin as the piercing heals over.
  • It irritates sensitive new piercings. Harsh, greasy substances like Vaseline should be kept away from fresh piercings. Only sterile saline and water should be used for the first few days.

Alternative Aftercare for Nose Piercings

Instead of Vaseline, here are some safe alternatives to properly care for a nose piercing:

  • Sterile saline solution – Use pre-made saline or make your own with 1/4 teaspoon non-iodized sea salt dissolved in a cup of distilled water. Soak the piercing 2-3 times a day. Saline is gentle, helps loosen crusties and keeps the piercing clean while still allowing oxygen flow.
  • Distilled water – For the first few days, soak the piercing in distilled or bottled water a few times per day to remove dried fluids and blood. Pat dry with gauze or tissue.
  • Grapeseed oil – For lubricating or moisturizing a piercing once the initial swelling has gone down. Apply with a Q-tip 2-3 times a week. Grapeseed oil is light, breathable and soothing for piercings.
  • Air drying – After soaking or cleaning, pat the piercing dry then expose it to air. Letting a new piercing breath promotes healing. Avoid covering piercings with bandages which can harbor bacteria.
  • Don’t remove jewelry for 6-12 months – Be patient through the healing period. Do not remove piercing jewellery for at least 6-12 months. Removing jewellery too early can allow the piercing to close up and cause complications.

See your Piercer if there are any Signs of Infection

While Vaseline and improper aftercare can potentially lead to infection, infections can still arise even with good care. See your piercer immediately if you notice: swelling, itching or irritation that gets worse or lasts more than a week; yellow or green pus; delay in healing; redness that spreads; or if the piercing sinks into the skin. Do not attempt to treat any infection yourself – see a medical professional.

With regular cleaning, lubrication only when needed and leaving the initial jewelry in place, a nose piercing typically heals in 6 to 12 weeks. Avoiding Vaseline and other inappropriate products will help ensure your new nose piercing heals beautifully. Be patient and diligent, and never hesitate to contact your piercer if you have any concerns.

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