Can You Get Two Nose Piercings at Once?

Getting multiple piercings at the same time can be tricky to heal, but with proper aftercare, it is possible to get two nose piercings simultaneously. While some piercers may recommend limiting to four new piercings in one sitting, much depends on your body’s healing ability and pain tolerance. Staggering the piercings and waiting a few weeks in between can also make the process easier.

Can You Get Two Nostrils Pierced at Once?

Yes, you can get both nostrils pierced in the same session. Nostril piercings on each side of the nose, whether placed on the nostril or high nostril area, can create a symmetrical look. However, it is usually recommended to pierce only one nostril at a time and allow it to heal before piercing the other side. Healing two fresh nostril piercings together requires diligent aftercare and may take longer.

Can You Get Two Nose Piercings on the Same Side?

Getting two nose piercings on the same side, often referred to as a “double septum piercing”, involves piercing the septum cartilage between the nostrils twice. The piercings can be side by side or one above the other. Septum piercings tend to heal quickly but double septum piercings need diligent aftercare since two piercings are healing at once in a small area.

How Painful is a Double Nose Piercing?

Double nose piercings cause a sensation comparable to getting an eyebrow wax or vaccination, with a quick sharp pinch and pressure, according to Jef Saunders, President of the Association of Professional Piercers. The pain only lasts a second, though you may feel a dull ache for a short while after.

How Close Together Can Two Piercings Be?

For the best results, two nose piercings should be at least 8mm or about 3/8 inch apart so the initial jewelry in each piercing does not touch. Proper spacing also promotes even healing. While the spacing between multiple ear lobe piercings is often purely decorative, nose piercings require more precision to avoid prolonged healing or rejection. See a skilled piercer to determine the minimum spacing needed for your nose piercings.

Caring for Double Nostril or Septum Piercings

Whether double nostrils, double septum, or one of each, follow diligent aftercare:

•Doing sea salt soaks 2-3 times a day for both piercings. Make a saline solution with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per cup of warm water. Soak for 10 minutes.

•Cleaning piercings twice daily with saline spray. Gently remove crust with saline-soaked gauze before spraying.

•Avoiding scented skin care products, oils and makeup around piercings.

• Not touching or moving piercings with bare hands. Always wash hands first.

•Checking piercings daily for signs of infection like increased pain, redness, swelling, heat or pus. See your piercer right away if an infection develops.

• Healing time of 6-12 weeks before changing initial jewelry. This depends on healing and your piercer’s recommendation.

•Wearing flat back labret studs initially. Hoops and rings can move too much, slowing healing.

•Avoiding submerging piercings in bodies of water during healing. Showers are fine; keep water away from piercings.

Can I get another nose piercing while one is healing?

Getting another nose piercing while an existing piercing is still healing is not recommended and can increase the risk of infection or complications. Here are some guidelines for re-piercing a nose piercing:

  • Wait at least 3-6 months after the initial piercing for it to fully heal before getting another piercing in the same area. This will allow the piercing to close up and heal completely.
  • Check that the piercing site shows no signs of infection like swelling, redness, or pus before proceeding with another piercing. The piercing should look and feel completely closed and healed.
  • Follow the aftercare instructions carefully after the new piercing to keep it clean and prevent infection. You need to clean it twice daily with a saline or mild antiseptic solution.
  • Minimize contact between the two piercings during the initial healing phase. This reduces the risk of swelling, irritation or infection spreading between the piercings.
  • •Look for signs of infection like increasing pain, redness, swelling or pus. See your piercer or doctor immediately if an infection develops.
  • Expect the new piercing to take 3-4 months to fully heal completely just like the initial piercing. Be patient during the entire healing process.
  • Continue wearing sterile jewelry in both piercings to promote healing and reduce complications. Do not change the jewelry during healing.
  • Do research from a reputable piercing professional before proceeding with close nose piercings to understand individual risks and ensure proper aftercare.

With patience and care, you can heal double nose piercings. Be prepared for a potentially longer healing period. If concerned about complications or prolonged healing, consider getting one piercing at a time, allowing 8 weeks or more between sessions. Your piercer can guide you on what is most suitable and safe for your nose.

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