How to Cover and Hide Your Nose Piercing: A Comprehensive Guide

Nose piercings are popular and fashionable, but sometimes there’s a need to hide them, whether for work or other personal reasons. This article will provide helpful tips on how to cover nose piercing and discuss the types of piercings that can be hidden.

Nose Piercing Retainers: A Simple Solution

  • Clear retainers can make a nostril piercing less noticeable
  • Choose the right size retainer (usually 18g) with the smallest top possible
  • Septum piercings can be hidden by wearing a horseshoe ring and flipping it up inside the nose

Hiding Nose Piercings During the Healing Process

  • Use a flesh-colored acrylic retainer to cover the piercing
  • Small domes or balls of flesh-colored acrylic, or clear Lucite, can be used for concealment
  • Alternatively, cover the piercing with a tiny flat disc painted with skin-tone nail polish

Which Types of Nose Piercings Can Be Hidden?

  1. Septum Piercing: Easily flipped out of sight
  2. Nostril Piercing: Sits in the crease of the nose and is easier to hide than a high nostril piercing
  3. High Nostril Piercing: More pronounced, sits on the border of the nostril and bridge
  4. Vertical Tip or Rhino Piercing: Very obvious and difficult to hide
  5. Bridge Piercing: Sits horizontally between the eyes and requires effort to conceal
  6. Nasallang Piercing: Goes through the right nostril, septum, and left nostril, making it rare and noticeable
  7. Septril Piercing: Surfaces at the bottom of the nose tip and is difficult to hide

How to Hide a Freshly Pierced Nose

  • Nose piercings typically take 4 to 6 months to heal
  • Avoid irritating a new piercing with a retainer or makeup, as this can cause keloids and infections
  • For a small stud, use a skin-colored band-aid and follow these steps:
    1. Cut the band-aid as small as possible to fit over the stud
    2. If the piercing is almost healed, apply 3 layers of a liquid band-aid (avoid using liquid band-aid for fresh piercings)
    3. Apply the band-aid to your nose and cover it with foundation; consider a full face of makeup to make it look natural

In conclusion, hiding a nose piercing can be achieved with the right tools and techniques. Choose the appropriate retainer for your type of piercing and follow the steps above to keep your piercing concealed when necessary. Remember, always prioritize the health and healing of your piercing to avoid complications.

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