How To Clean A Nose Piercing With Antibacterial Soap

Getting a nose piercing is a big decision that requires a commitment to proper aftercare to heal successfully. Cleaning a new nose piercing correctly is one of the most important parts of the healing process. Using antibacterial soap and sterile saline solution, along with some tips for daily care and troubleshooting common problems, you’ll have your new piercing healed in no time.

Choose A Mild Antibacterial Soap

For cleaning a new nose piercing, choose a mild antibacterial soap free from dyes, fragrances and harsh chemicals such as:

  • Phisoderm
  • Bactine
  • Dial
  • Lever 2000
  • Softsoap

Dilute the soap with warm water, 50/50. The soap should not irritate the piercing. Leave the cleanser on for 3 minutes to kill bacteria, then gently lather and move the piercing back and forth half a dozen times.

How To Clean Your Nose Piercing With Antibacterial Soap

Here are the steps to properly clean your nose piercing with antibacterial soap:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Clean hands ensure you do not infect the piercing during cleaning.
  2. Wet a cotton ball or swab with warm water. Soak the cotton to avoid irritation from wiping a dry cotton ball on the new piercing.
  3. Apply a small amount of antibacterial soap to the cotton ball or swab. Use a minimal amount of soap to avoid irritation.
  4. Gently clean around the piercing, being careful not to move the jewelry. Moving or turning the jewelry can disturb the healing fistula and cause trauma to the piercing.
  5. Rinse the area with warm water. Use clean running water to thoroughly rinse away all soap from the piercing and jewelry.
  6. Pat the area dry with a clean towel. Gently pat with a disposable paper towel or clean cloth towel to avoid irritation from rubbing the piercing.
  7. Repeat cleaning twice a day for 6-8 weeks. Continue the cleaning regimen for the duration of the initial healing period. See your piercer for follow up and downsizing of the initial piercing jewelry.

Additional Tips For Healing

  • Avoid touching the piercing with dirty hands. Hands contain bacteria and can easily infect an unhealed piercing.
  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs and saunas. Submerging an unhealed piercing in water can lead to infection.
  • Avoid makeup and hair products. Chemicals from cosmetics and hair sprays can irritate a new piercing.
  • See your piercer for any problems. Pain, redness, swelling or discharge can indicate an infection or other issue that requires professional advice.
  • Most nose piercings take 6-8 weeks to fully heal. Everyone heals at a different rate, so see your piercer for a checkup to determine if you’re ready for a shorter piercing post.

What Other Soaps Can I Use?

In addition to antibacterial soap, you can also use the following gentle cleansers for a new nose piercing:

  • Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby-Mild Liquid Soap: A very mild castile based soap with no fragrance or dyes. Dilute with water and clean as directed.
  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: A non-alkaline, non-comedogenic cleanser that is ideal for sensitive skin. Use a small amount diluted with warm water to gently clean the piercing.

Only use cleansers specially formulated for use on sensitive areas like piercings. Harsh soaps can strip natural oils, dry out the piercing and delay healing. Sterile saline solution can also be used in addition to cleaning in order to soften any crusties around the jewelry. See your piercer for any other questions about properly caring for your new nose piercing.

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